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Episode vii

    Twenty-five years after the fall of the empire, a new generation of Jedi knight's rise to protect the galaxy. working with the new republic, together they have become a force for peace and justice in the universe. 

        a small force of Jedi headed by a new republic diplomat has been sent to the twin planets of rhommamool and osarian in an attempt to avert civil war between the planets two governments. The situation is volatile when a new planetary governor named nom anor steps up to the head of rhommamool's senate, and he seams bent on war. Both planets are a pre-hyper drive Civilization, but time is running out. as tensions rise the planets orbit's draw closer, till they reach a point when a strike, and the war that will follow, will become possible.

        on the other side of the galaxy, lies a research station on the planet belkadan. EXGAL station lies on the very edge of the galaxy and monitors the galactic rim.  It is a quiet post, a temperate jungle world. news arrives that a large planet sized piece of space debris is about to breach the galactic rim from out side space. as the scientist scramble to observe this phenomenon, strange things begin to happen, communications go out when they realize the debris is on a collision course with there planet. the researchers only have one ship with no hyper drive.................


Enter the new order